HCG Complete Diet May have saved me

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HCG Complete Diet provided me with an amazing product and amazing service.I have seen a couple of complaints on here about them and found that those are from other companies trying to do dirty business.

I felt inspired to share my 2 cents. I bought the program on September 12th and received it on the 15th. I began the 26 day plan and in those 26 days I lost 31 pounds.

More over My high blood pressure has dropped to healthier levels and I do have energy that I lost during menopause.So for all the false complaints out their I felt the truth should be posted.

Review about: Hcg Diet Drops.

HCG Complete Diet is nothing less than a scam!

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Please be advised that the www.hcgcompletediet.com is a scam and if you do not request a refund (for the 26 day supply at $109.00) within a short amount of time AFTER receiving the product...you will not get a refund.The product was faulty...I starved myself for two weeks.

The product did not work. I was weak and listless, and told by others I should not be so weak and hungry all the time. I was then referred to put the drops through a test and the test failed. I'm very angry.

This was a dangerous thing to do with a product these people knew were faulty. They should be sued. I asked for a refund and they said it was too late. They sell bogus drops.

Be very aware. Scam at it's fullest! I've since bought these drops through a different company and they are the real thing. I've not been hungry since taking the drops.

I'm not weak.

AND, the price was a lot less.Like I said, this company isn't legit.

Review about: Hcg Drops.



I did two rounds of hcg diet with great results.I lost nearly 40 lbs.

Their support system was great.

Always answered my questions promptly.Sorry u had bad experience.


I had the same issue!I used this product EXACTLY as directed and experienced nothing but yo-yo ing in weight.

I'd be excited to lose a pound or two and then only to be gained back the next day. When I called the support line, the lady told me to try it a bit longer to see if results come. Now I understand why. The return policy expires far before phase 2 ends.

Now I'm out $150!

This company is a scam!And read the fine print - you have to pay to ship back your product and pay for a 35% restocking fee.


In response to Donna, I'd like to say that, yes, it was a pregnancy test and that is exactly what the book says to do because there may be bad batches out there.If I'd have stuck with the diet from this particular company, I'd be in serious health jeopordy.

I stick with my original post. This company is a fraud. You can read an online copy of the original diet from the original author for free. It states that if you suspect the drug, test it.

Since I was the only one starving, I tested this company's drops and it failed.

They sell faulty products and it's a shame that some people will think this diet is a sham.It isn't, this company is.

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:) That's unfortunate.I have been through their protocol twice and am down 47 pounds.

I received great customer support. The above comment did not test the drops as they are homeopathic and to test them would cost about 15,000.00 dollars. I am sure she used a pregnancy test which will not test Homeopathic hCG. Also their refund policy is 30 days.

I just read it is is specific which most are, if one reads the fine print.

I will continue to refer anyone to www.HCGComplete diet.com as I know several of my friends and I have had rewarding results.Menopause kept my weight on and I'm finally losing it with their products and support.

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